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DIY Leather Bracelet/Necklace

DIY Leather Bracelet/Necklace

We're drooling over this super chic, super easy DIY! We can't wait to layer these beauties over our favorite summer dresses. You can find kits *HERE* that include everything you need to create them! This tutorial will teach you how to make both the bracelet and the necklace-just adjust your measurements according to whichever style you're creating.

Step 1:

FOR NECKLACE: overlap ends of leather approximately 8 inches

FOR BRACELET: overlap ends of leather so that it JUST fits over the largest part of your hand. You'll want to be able to slide it on but you want it to be snug.

Step 2:

Double knot nylon thread strands evenly at one end, where the leather meets.

Step 3:

Begin wrapping your first color. Wrap it around leather and all other strands of thread. It's important to wrap neatly and evenly. Be sure to keep nylon threads on one side of leather as you wrap.

Step 4:

When you're ready to transition to a different color, simply swap out threads. Do all transitions on the same side so one side remains smooth and neat.

Step 5:

When you reach the other end of overlapped leather cord, double knot the last working color thread with all other threads.

Step 6:

Trim thread ends and leather cord. Use a bit of glue on threads to keep them from fraying. TADA!!

This is the BACK of our necklace. You can see where we've transitioned from color to color.

And here's the front!