About Us-2017

Our mission at Lenny & Eva is to inspire women of all ages, in all walks of their lives.  Each sentiment is selected and designed to encourage women to be brave, live compassionately, and be the best version of themselves. The company is named after founder Kellie Fitzpatrick’s two great-grandmothers, who embodied these characteristics throughout their lives.


We are dedicated to creating jobs in our community and in our country. Through hard work, the Lenny & Eva family is proud to offer an inspiring collection of jewelry that is not only designed in the USA, but also entirely Made in the USA. Our home office in Baxter, Tennessee houses our customer service center, warehouse and design center. From there, designs are sent to craftsmen in Rhode Island who bring them to life. Each piece is carefully crafted using only the highest quality materials. 


Our vision and purpose are much greater than just being a fashion accessory. We are inspired by your stories and your reasons for choosing us. With Lenny & Eva, Your Collection is Your Story®, and we are excited to be a part of yours.  We are committed to evolving our brand to include fresh designs each season, but always staying true to our roots. We thank you for your support and are happy you are part of the Lenny & Eva Family.