Behind the Brand

If you're like me, you want to get to know a brand before you decide to support it. You want to learn more about how it was started and understand the inspiration for its existence. So I wanted to take a moment to share a bit about Lenny & Eva, a little "side project" I started almost 10 years ago.

That blonde up there is me, Kellie, the founder of Lenny & Eva, in a semi-recent (confession-it was three years ago) family photo, looking sort of like I have my life together. But 10 years ago, Stevie, my curly girl, was only 11, Brady, my middle little, was only 5, and Jude, that handsome little guy, had just been born. I had left my career as a high school English teacher to be a stay-at-home mom, and I was mostly questioning how in the heck I was ever going to find time to put on makeup again.

One busy morning before school, I was doing two things at once-
drying Brady's hair and nursing Jude.
*Honest question: do moms ever do less than two things at once?? 
Anyway, I started reflecting on how much my life had all the ups and downs had formed me into the person I was at that moment. I reflected on the responsibility I had as a parent-the lessons I would teach them, and the things I would continue to learn about myself. And I got an idea...

How awesome would it be to wake up each morning, choose a mantra for the day, set your intention, then be able to WEAR it on your wrist? So my idea was this: a bracelet with an inspiring message, but because we are ever-changing, ever-growing, an interchangeable bracelet.
Did I know what I was doing? No.

Did I have any experience manufacturing jewelry?

Did I fail 101 times?

But did I believe in the idea and want to inspire women just like me?
Oh, heck yes. Not to mention that cute guy up there, John, was a huge supporter of my crazy plans.
After months of trial and error, the designs were finalized, and it was time to give it a name. I thought about the amazing women in my life, and it seemed appropriate to pay tribute to the ones that pioneered my family:
my great-grandmothers, Lenny & Eva.

Lenny was outspoken, proud, and the perfect Southern hostess. She made the BEST peanut brittle, ever. Eva was quiet, humble, and hard-working. She was still tending her own vegetable garden well into her late eighties.

THESE were the ladies this brand would be created for-strong, confident, dedicated, and brave. And so, the WHY of Lenny & Eva was formed:
To create beautiful jewelry with a much bigger purpose-to inspire women.

Our original logo featured the silhouette of our daughters carrying an umbrella. It was bittersweet to update the logo this year and remove their little silhouettes, but they've grown...and so have I...and so have you. That's why we're committed to creating new and exciting things for you, but always with the same intention:
to inspire you.

We hope you can always find inspiration in our collection, always find the perfect gift for the special women in your life, and always know each and every piece was created with love and intention for the women who support our brand. Thank you for allowing us to do what fills our hearts.

With love,