DIY Tassel Key Ring

DIY Tassel Key Ring
These tassel key rings are perfect for your summer road trips, and are super fun to make! You'll need:
-1 split key ring
-8 inches cotton rope
-30 inches of 3 colors nylon thread
*you can get all the supplies you need here
1. Loop cotton rope evenly through key ring
2. Double knot nylon thread at base of key ring
3. Choose your starting color, and wrap around rope and remaining threads.
*Be sure to wrap tightly and evenly as you go!
4. Switch threads to change up the pattern. Let your creativity take charge!
5. When you're satisfied with your pattern, place your last working color on one side and all other colored thread on the other side. Double knot together around the rope.
6. Trim and use a bit of glue to keep ends from fraying.
7. Separate rope sections.
TADA! Your creation is complete! Be sure to tag us in your crafty photos @lennyandeva